WebRank SEO Internet Explorer Toolbar

Webrank SEO IE Toolbar

WebRank SEO IE Toolbar: The one and only SEO toolbar for Internet Explorer. We have had addons/extensions for Chrome, Safari and Opera, so we thought, why leave Internet Explorer users out of the game. The result is here, an easy to use toolbar with asynchronous loading so that you don’t have to leave the webpage to check its ranking and other statistics. The toolbar features Google Pagerank, Alexa, Compete and Quantcast ranks, pages indexed by Bing and Google, Sociometer for your social stats and much more. Continue reading

Introducing the PageRank widget from WebRankStats for your website.

Today, we are introducing the Google PageRank widget for your website. Use this widget to display Google Pagerank on your website. You have two different options to select from, and choose the one that matches your website best. To get your widget, click on the link “Get Widget” on your website stats page.